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Zinc is an ideal standing seam roof material and can be applied to many different types of roof. It comes in natural (bright), pre-weathered and pigmented finishes. As a standing seam roofing material, zinc is an ideal choice of material for architects, designers and home-owners alike, particularly because it repels corrosion and combines durability with flexibility, making it easy to install.

It is a lightweight and durable metal with a design life of 80 years. Zinc comes in a roll form so everything you see has been machine formed on site or hand crafted to suit the different shapes and sizes of your roof.



Copper roofing has been used since Roman times as a long-lasting and attractive metal roof finish, particularly with its long-lasting durability and resistance to water. In its natural, untreated form, copper sheets will react with the atmosphere to form a green patina, often referred to as antique copper or Verdigris. It may take many years for this initial metallic copper appearance to slowly change into this aged-green look.

Copper roofing sheets are an extremely versatile roofing material. The metal can easily be formed into copper shingles, façade panels and copper cassette panels. This is usually done on-site by an experienced copper roof installer.



Lindab Magestic is a galvanised steel material for rainwater and standing seam uses. Lindab Magestic provides the same consistent Lindab branding, with a strengthened magnesium zinc-alloy coating. Within 3-5 years of installation, Magestic forms a beautiful dark grey metallic colour.

With 3% magnesium and 3.5% aluminium added to the zinc coating, the composition used for Magestic is tougher, meaning the rainwater system is much more durable and long lasting.

Metal Rain Gutter


Zinc can be used on new builds or refurbishments and offers a sleek and modern yet characteristic finish to facades, walls or dormer cheeks. Available in a wide range of colours and finish's to suit certain projects and locations. Styles include standing seam, flat lock and overlapping panels to give the same affect as UPVC cladding however without the maintenance.  Get in touch to see how we can help bring your project to life.

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